Micro Blending Brush Set: Altnew

Micro Blending Brush Set: Altnew

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Easily apply and blend ink with this set of Micro-Blending Brushes.

You can use them with any and all ink colors to create beautiful and colorful paper crafting projects. The micro-blending brushes each feature densely packed white bristles and are ergonomically designed to help you seamlessly blend ink without experiencing hand fatigue.

These brushes have been customized to have a higher density of bristles, which means more seamless blending! Cleaning is easy; simply rinse them with gentle soap and water, and let them air dry. We can't wait to see the beautiful creations you will make with this ink blending brush set!

This set includes 4 micro ink blending brushes, 2 of each size.


  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable grip and easy application of ink
  • Brush diameter: 7mm (0.28") & 10mm (0.39")
  • Extended handle for comfortable grip
  • Densely arranged, pristine white bristles - ideal for effortless blending
  • Compact and portable - great for crafting on-the-go
  • Perfect for precision blending and stencils featuring intricate, small open areas.